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Knowledge Vault

Situation Positive has a vast knowledge vault of learning resources to help you manage your chronic illness journey.

The topics are all related to chronic illness and include education on health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and more.

These resource include:

  • Videos
  • Tip sheets
  • Guides
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Seven Steps to Living Well with a Chronic Illness

Coming soon, you will be able to take Matt Cavallo’s course on how to live well with a chronic illness. This course was based on Matt’s experience with chronic illness, his work in healthcare, and his education as a Master of Public Health Administration. Matt provides powerful tools and helpful resources to navigate life with a chronic illness. 

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Seven Steps to Living well with a Chronic Illness is a course authored by Matt Cavallo. Pictured is a cover of the original book Matt wrote on the subject.

Events and Webinars

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