LaMondre Pough speaking at the statehouse

How LaMondre Pough Turned His Situation Positive

LaMondre Pough, 47, was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and like many with SMA, he is dependent on the help of outside caregivers to come into his home to help him with basic life functioning. It’s a catch-22 for someone with SMA to have people in your home right now because they are at much greater risk to complications from Covid (decreased lung function can be a part of this progressive neuromuscular disease). 

LaMondre has had more than one Covid exposure during the past year – each inadvertently from a caregiver. He has been outspoken about the importance of elevating vaccine access to individuals like himself, and his message is an important step for larger discussions about representation for those with smaller collective voices, aka rare diseases. LaMondre is fully vaccinated, but this is a topic that will not simply evaporate when this pandemic “moment” subsides. Rather, it has opened the door to some fundamental issues our nation needs to address.

LaMondre is an entrepreneur who is leading a movement of inclusion. In this episode you will learn about LaMondre’s journey and how he is using his platform to bring positivity into the world no matter what situation is presented.

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