Matt Cavallo standing in a cave in Hapuna beach on the big island of Hawaii.

What do a Cave and a Chronic Illness have in Common?

Hey everybody! It’s Matt from Situation Positive. I’m at Hapuna beach on the Big Island of Hawaii and on my walk this morning I found a cave. In my mind, there is nothing more symbolistic of living with a chronic illness than being in a cave.

It’s dark. It’s lonely. It’s isolated. And I know that once you get diagnosed with a chronic illness that might be how you feel too.

I know for a long time I felt that way. But then I realized if I stepped outside of my cave and I took a look around me, that there’s a whole big world still out there to explore.

I may have some limitations now that I didn’t in the past, but that’s not gonna stop me. And it shouldn’t stop you.
Get out there.

You don’t have to stay in the dark.

You don’t have to be in your cave.

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