Matt Cavallo walking on a beach

Why I push myself to walk every day with a chronic illness

Why does our co-founder, Matt Cavallo, push himself every day to walk with a chronic illness? At age twenty-eight, Matt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Seemingly overnight he went from a fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk. Matt learned how to walk again in a pool and was able to regain functionality through months of physical and aquatic therapy. Here he talks about the importance of his morning walk.

Hey everybody! It is Matt from the situation positive. And I’m out here for my morning walk. My morning walk is something I take pretty seriously. Cause there was a time in my life when I was paralyzed from the waist down. And I thought I would never walk again, but it’s more than that walking or movement is fundamental.

If you sit there, you become sedentary and it becomes harder and harder to move. So just getting up and walking. If you can, for half an hour, a day will make all the difference. Now you could start small at first walk, 10 minutes out, and 10 minutes back, maybe you could increase it to 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back as you begin to walk more, you’re going to notice that you feel better about yourself.

Walking is a form of exercise. And movement is the key. So if you can get out there and do it, you’ll be glad you did stay positive, everybody.

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