Shows Matt before and after two weeks of the weight loss program

Belly Fat and Chronic Illness Week 2

Hey, it is Matt Cavallo from Situation Positive checking in at the end of week two of my medical weight loss journey. Now, if you remember last week, it was, it was week one. We had just kind of started it. I mentioned some of the health reasons that I wanted to go through the medical weight loss journey.

I talked about how you know, I had tried things like intermittent fasting and stuff like that in the past, and I just wasn’t able to get those gains I was looking for. I mentioned that you know, I was experiencing things like acid reflux, hip pain, fatigue some of the things that, that came with how I was eating.

And, you know, when we started this journey, 243. I think when we checked in last week, I was at about 236. So here we are in week two, and we’re going to learn a little bit about my progress before we do that, though. I just want to tell you some of the lessons I’ve learned in you know, two weeks now of medical weight loss journey.

So the most important thing to me is I’m doing this with my wife. If she wasn’t here, I would not be able to do it. She has really taken charge of the diet, the meal prep making sure everything is measured correctly. So my wife has been taking that program to a different level. She’s been cooking, delicious dishes.

You know, at first, I thought I was gonna miss all the bread and the pasta and everything. You know, that I’ve grown accustomed to, throughout a lifetime of eating. But she’s been making it interesting and I’ve liked it. You know, I haven’t missed that stuff. And part of the reason is that I’ve had the mindset that I can do anything for 30 days.

Yes. When people are like, man, why are you doing this? I’m like, I can do anything for 30 days. I don’t feel good and I need a change. So I’m doing this for myself. And you know, I have noticed that change, I’ve noticed that my clothes are fitting a little better. I wore this shirt last week and I was talking about my dad bod, and it shrunk.

You can see it’s shrunk a little bit. You know, it’s still, I still have the dad bod belly, but you know, that’s going to come with a lot of work. It’s, it’s not going to take this month. It’s gonna take time and commitment and an overall mindset and lifestyle change to get where I’m feeling good, where I’m rid of this.

And I’m feeling good about myself every day. So I know that. 30 days to me is like a Bootcamp. You know, that’s going to be kind of the fat-burning phase. After 30 days, I’m going to go into maintenance mode and I’m going to try to maintain the losses I had. Okay. So but we’ll be talking about that as this journey progresses right for now I am seeing some, some progression.

I’ve had friends say that, that my face is more defined. I’m losing a little bit of my Turkey neck, you know, I, I kept having the double chin and I’m noticing that tighten up. I’m noticing some tighten up in and throughout my waist area, I’m noticing that my pants and my shirts fit better. I’m noticing that it’s easier to get up from sitting down than it used to be.

You know, it, it is a process though. And you know, I’ve had coaches that say it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And that’s especially true here. I’m actually feeling great. I’m feeling my energy levels growing. But you know, we’re all here to have the weekly check-in on the scale to see what kind of progress I made.

Again two weeks ago today I started this and I was 243 pounds. Last week we checked in and I was about 236. Let’s see where we’re at today.

So I’m going to step on the scale.

The scale is 224.8 lbs.

224.8 down from 243, two weeks ago today. That is awesome progress. And it’s come with a lot of sacrifices. It’s come with, you know, learning new things. You know, and honestly back to my wife for a second the kids are not doing this with us, so she’s preparing food for us and she’s cooking the kids, the regular stuff.

So she’s truly been you know, the hero of this journey. She’s the one making it happen. And you know, it’s, it’s been two weeks and I’m down 19, almost 20 pounds. It’s like 19 and a half. I think if the If I add the exact numbers. Okay. I have two more weeks of this fat-burning process. I’m going to continue checking in.

You’ll get another video from me next week as an update. And then the following week, and then, you know what, once we get into maintenance mode, I’m going to continue talking about this because, you know, This is going to be a lifestyle choice. , this is going to be changing the way I think about food and eating because I don’t want to get to a point where my weight is causing health problems again and could lead to some potentially bad stuff down the road.

Thank you so much for tuning in with us. My name is Matt Cavallo and no matter what your situation, you can turn it positive.

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