Matt modeling different Situation Positive shirts

I am not a Model

Hey everybody, it’s Matt from Situation Positive and I’m not a t-shirt model, but I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately about the t-shirts I wear in my videos. And at Situation Positive, we developed a line of t-shirts. So that way, you know, you could share positive messages with those around you. If anybody has been following my weight loss videos, you’ve seen me in this t-shirt it says positive vibes only.

And it has my dog Barry and my dog Jasper on it. A lot of people love the puppies T-shirt. One Barry in Jasper t-shirt you might not have seen is the simply positive shirt where they’re riding with a friend in the back of a truck. If dogs aren’t your thing. We also have keep it positive in a gray t-shirt.

We also have keep it positive in a black hoodie as well. These are just some of the t-shirts we have available We’ll share the link to our shop in the description, but you can find these and other great t-shirts and any t-shirt you purchase. Goes to help our nonprofit, but more so it spreads a message of positivity.

And you’ll be surprised if you wear a shirt like this, how many people will stop you and say, yeah, we need some positivity at this time. My name is Matt Cavallo. Thank you so much for watching, please like, and subscribe to our videos. Much like this t-shirt, it helps our community grow and remember, no matter your situation, you can turn it positive.

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